Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TGI...err W Tease? December 17th 2014

Well, my apologies for skipping out on last week's blog post. And okay, it's not Friday. There was way to much happening in my little world and my little family. My eldest daughter graduated from primary school, and nothing is quite as lovely, or depressing, as realizing your age!! Both kidlets had their dance concert. But in my author world, Scared of Forever made her debut on December 14th. And it was a great release day thanks to and all of the bloggers who participated. The tour and giveaway are still running, and I'm having a great time discovering new blogs to like! You should too! But most of all, readers, a million thank yous to all of you who opened the book, closed the book, considered the book, bought the book, reviewed the book, borrowed the book...yeah, you get what I mean! Your support means the absolute world!

At present I am knee deep in Scared of Exposure, and my dark and broody Chayse is succeeding in making me swoon...but he's about to piss me and Mirelle off, and I'm not looking forward to that at all. 

The very last few words I penned, um, typed are here, look down!


Her legs and arms entangle themselves around me, the T-shirt she’s wearing turning translucent as it hits the clear ocean water. The sun casts an ethereal glow over the impending dawn, the sky alight with a kaleidoscope of purples, lilacs and oranges. Burying her head against my shoulder, I watch as the edges of her hair sway wistfully in the water. Everything about Mirelle calms me, silences all the demons that all too often come out to play these days. I remember what my psychiatrist said about using her as a crutch for my issues. This wasn’t that. This was two people who couldn’t get enough of fucking each other. Who liked the other’s company. This was not something that could be quantified by some fucking psychiatric scale.

And the scene before that, well, oh my! Guess you'll see that one in the novel (I'm teasing now, and I'm sorry, I'll stop)

My not too technically savvy self is also trying to start an email newsletter, so sign up, because the very first newsletter will include the never before seen deleted/alternate prologue for Scared of Forever. Get your tissues, you will most definitely need them!

And in the months to come I'll be sending out short stories from the series, featuring Jade, Mary, Jackson and Daniella, Mac, Lissi, Emily, Tyler, Maia...

Until Friday, bye beautifuls!

Love J xx

Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF Tease...December 5th, 2014

So, I'm trying out this weekly post thing, a task which will forever be known as the TGIF Tease! My ability to be consistent is well, a little lacking, so we'll see how this goes! 

So updates, there are 9 days to Scared of Forever's debut! I am beyond excited!! There's a giveaway on the release day blitz, and the blog tour that follows too!

Today's tease is an unedited excerpt from Scared of Exposure, Scared Book # 3. I just figure out my twist, so am super excited to get it all on paper, err, word processor! Enjoy!!


I race back into the bar like my ass is one fire. My underwear slides around uncomfortably in the wet of my thighs.
“Mirelle,” Trix says with a questioning look.
“What?” I mumble, trying to compose myself and return the flush of my cheeks to normal skin tone.
“The bottles?” she says with an eye roll.
“Oh shit, I…there was this guy and…”
“Trix, I got everything I think we need to restock…” The voice behind me startles me out of my explanation. He doesn’t finish his sentence either. When I turn to face him, him, the very recently fantasized about him, he stares back. His immediate reaction is shocked recognition, but he masks that well behind a cocky smile. He recognizes me, which means he saw me. Oh my fucking God! How awkward!
“Thanks Chayse,” Trix smiles. “You were saying?” she says, redirecting her attention to me.
“I couldn’t see the cock…Um, I mean that stock, or… I couldn’t see the supply room.” My cheeks must now be a hideous shade of beetroot. Trix shoots me a quizzical look.
‘Chayse’ walks over and deposits the box of alcohol bottles on the bar, a smile plastered across his lips. He avoids my stare but it looks as though he’s trying not to laugh. And I’m mortified beyond belief. I notice how his biceps strain the same way they did a few minutes ago when he lifts the box to the bar height.
The memory of five minutes ago lands right back in my head with no warning. The girl’s low moans, his hands gripping her ass and thighs. And my first thought is that I want that done to me right here on this bar. So much for being done with men.
“Mirelle, this is Chayse. Chayse, Mirelle,” Trix introduces with a nonchalant wave of her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Mirelle,” Chayse says in an exaggerated gentlemanly way, holding out a large yet slender hand.

“Yeah, you too,” I mumble, shaking his hand awkwardly. I can’t meet his eyes as he lets his fingers linger against mine. He leans in, his voice a low whisper. “It’s nice to see you again.” His voice is seductive and sweet. And I think I may have just stopped breathing. If I was beetroot red before, I’m sure that I’m eggplant purple now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Defining the New Adult Novel, as it appears to yours truly...

A few times in the last few weeks, this subject has come up in conversations I've had with both readers, friends and online. The first question I am usually asked when I mention my novels as New Adult Romance is: "Are they like 50 Shades of Gray?" And it's a valid question. Along with some others, 50 Shades is one of the quintessential novels of the genre, right? And I bet hands will go up all over the world by authors who have had the same question asked to them.Or nods through cyber-space.

This then led me to read a few very interesting articles and opinion blogs on what the genre actually means to people other than me. And a few things stood out.

1: The defining must-have: The characters must be between 18 and 25. 

That's the must-have. The only must-have. The one common principle. Which I feel is a little broad based for the kind of novels I write, and those labelled New Adult that I've read.

Expanding on that there were other definitions, some which I considered as well thought out and others which simply referred to New Adult as YA Erotica or sexed-up YA. As an NA author, I must say, I felt a touch offended by those generalizations. Not every NA novel has sex. Not every NA novel has BDSM. And if they did, so what? The characters are all of age, if we're adhering to the must-have of the genre.

So I pondered a while longer, and came up with my definition for the NA that I write. New Adult is about coming of age, which no generalizations or stereotyping. It could be college life, it could be a gay protagonist coming to terms with his or her sexuality. It could be a young girl and her story of discovering sexuality. It could be a young guy who, for the first time, is living away from the safety of his parents home.

Must it be a romance? I don't think so personally although I do write romance. New Adult is a genre unto itself and is subject to the same rules of sub-genre as other fiction genres. Sub-genres could be fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, you name it, it can be done. All it needs is an author to write it and readers to read it. That said, from the articles and real life author stories I've read, and my own experience, I think a romantic element does add to the sale-ability of a novel, especially in New Adult, because the current trends in NA have conditioned readers to associate it with romance and contemporary settings. But the genre is still young, and I'm sure things will evolve.

Must it have sex? Well, this was a tough one for me, because I associate NA with some form of erotic content. The answer by popular opinion is probably yes, because the characters are in their early twenties, an age of sexual discovery. I have read clean NA and if it's well written, it does have the same effect on me as 'naughty' NA. Personally I think the answer is yes, but that does not make it smutty YA! And most NA novels I've read are not driven by sex as the motivator for the characters actions. They have sexual organs, they use them. When they use them, the author describes them and the act. Hot, steamy, and from the novels I've read, usually tastefully. I have read a few reviews of some of my favorite NA novels, and there have been mentions of too much sex, too much graphic sex, etc. Personally, when I want clean reading, I pick up one of my favorite YA series'. And my pet peeve is when sex is just placed haphazardly among pages, I like it to add to the story.

Drama? Let's talk dramatic content. And this subject probably is in support of dark NA authors. Fiction is a stretch of reality. That's what it is to me anyway. A fantastic novel could probably be written about pouring a morning coffee. But I imagine that reading a whole novel based on that, would probably result in me becoming bored. But the flip side of normal is, well, abnormal. (Points to me for being Captain Obvious here!) Gangs, fighting, guns, rape, assault, tortured and disturbing childhoods, they are reality for some. As a reader, there are some things that I as a person cannot tolerate. But that doesn't mean that, as a reader, I should criticize the author for stretching reality. Tortured pasts make for wonderful self-discovery. So well done to the NA authors that take these risks.

Another comment I've seen in some articles is characters are childish, confused or just plain acting stupid. Again, that's reality. Remembering losing your virginity, do you remember having the sexual prowess of a video vixen? The first time you thought you may be in love with someone, did you make all the rational choices of an evolved adult? Did you really start your first job and be suddenly awesome at it after a day. Did you never worry about taking a chance on a person, feel self conscious about your body? Live in indecision? The thing I love most about NA characters is that vulnerability. They are scared, confused, uncertain of the future, cocky, a little smart-assy, and that makes them the ideal protagonists for this genre. If composed, well adjusted and mature thinking adults is what I want to read about, I read a plain contemporary novel or something in general adult fiction.

So my shortlist, how I write NA and how I define it:

- 18 to 25 year old characters? Yes. It is, after all, the industry standard.
- Coming of age or maturing in some way shape or form? Yup!
- Romance? Yes!  Double check, and the more riddled with complication, the better.
- Sex? Again, double yes! In the appropriate context of course, but why not? It's a huge part of      evolving into adulthood. It's not essential as I stated above, but I think it's relevant.
- Angst, confusion, protagonists fighting against life and love for very little reason? I think so. I'm  34 and believe me, if you could read my mind and hear my random thoughts...
- Drama? Uh huh. Shitty things happen to good people and vice versa. 

But all we can really do is write the stories we love to write, in the genres we as readers love, using the definition of this relatively young genre that seems personally correct to us. (Says the person who at this present moment is mid way through a first draft and screaming 'grow up' to her protagonist.)

Love J...xx

Sunday, November 16, 2014

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