Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF Tease...December 5th, 2014

So, I'm trying out this weekly post thing, a task which will forever be known as the TGIF Tease! My ability to be consistent is well, a little lacking, so we'll see how this goes! 

So updates, there are 9 days to Scared of Forever's debut! I am beyond excited!! There's a giveaway on the release day blitz, and the blog tour that follows too!

Today's tease is an unedited excerpt from Scared of Exposure, Scared Book # 3. I just figure out my twist, so am super excited to get it all on paper, err, word processor! Enjoy!!


I race back into the bar like my ass is one fire. My underwear slides around uncomfortably in the wet of my thighs.
“Mirelle,” Trix says with a questioning look.
“What?” I mumble, trying to compose myself and return the flush of my cheeks to normal skin tone.
“The bottles?” she says with an eye roll.
“Oh shit, I…there was this guy and…”
“Trix, I got everything I think we need to restock…” The voice behind me startles me out of my explanation. He doesn’t finish his sentence either. When I turn to face him, him, the very recently fantasized about him, he stares back. His immediate reaction is shocked recognition, but he masks that well behind a cocky smile. He recognizes me, which means he saw me. Oh my fucking God! How awkward!
“Thanks Chayse,” Trix smiles. “You were saying?” she says, redirecting her attention to me.
“I couldn’t see the cock…Um, I mean that stock, or… I couldn’t see the supply room.” My cheeks must now be a hideous shade of beetroot. Trix shoots me a quizzical look.
‘Chayse’ walks over and deposits the box of alcohol bottles on the bar, a smile plastered across his lips. He avoids my stare but it looks as though he’s trying not to laugh. And I’m mortified beyond belief. I notice how his biceps strain the same way they did a few minutes ago when he lifts the box to the bar height.
The memory of five minutes ago lands right back in my head with no warning. The girl’s low moans, his hands gripping her ass and thighs. And my first thought is that I want that done to me right here on this bar. So much for being done with men.
“Mirelle, this is Chayse. Chayse, Mirelle,” Trix introduces with a nonchalant wave of her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Mirelle,” Chayse says in an exaggerated gentlemanly way, holding out a large yet slender hand.

“Yeah, you too,” I mumble, shaking his hand awkwardly. I can’t meet his eyes as he lets his fingers linger against mine. He leans in, his voice a low whisper. “It’s nice to see you again.” His voice is seductive and sweet. And I think I may have just stopped breathing. If I was beetroot red before, I’m sure that I’m eggplant purple now.

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