Almost Us: The Serial

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One serendipitous moment each time. One unbelievable night of pure, blinding passion. One choice. One chance. One broken heart. One roller coaster that I never seemed to be able to stop riding.

Almost Us: The First Time

Aged 18. River and I met. The attraction was instant. The chemistry was undeniable. So was the fact that I was committed to my boyfriend Jeremy. But River and I, we were something else together. We were electric, as if Destiny herself had held us in her most sacred of plans.
I would fall. And I would fall hard. But Destiny had other ideas. We were almost there, River and I. We were almost us. This was our first time...

Almost Us: The Next Time

Aged 22. The world was my oyster. Jeremy and I had both just finished studying, and we were ready to take on New York city as young professionals. Big dreams and bright futures in hand, we embarked on our journey. Together. I had never forgotten River. I never would. I never could. But I had distracted myself. Until one day, in a lively bar in the city, a familiar set of laughing eyes slides a tequila shot to my hand. River. He ignited the same primal emotions in me he did when we were younger. This was our second chance. But one revelation would shatter our hearts. We were almost us. Until we weren't...

Almost Us: The Worst Time

Aged 26. Earn your stripes, they said. So here I was, doing social work for a young woman's refuge centre. She walked in, doe eyed and terrified. A girl, a few years younger than me, pregnant to Lord knows what kind of man. I heard her story. Felt her pain. But the pain would soon be mine. This one meeting would drag my past right back to me. Wars, scars and all. And I would never be the same again. It would change everything...

Almost Us: The Best Time

Aged 30, and it seemed my life had finally stabilised itself. Any doubts that I had about my previous decisions had been squashed. But was I prepared for the shattering that my world would soon encounter? This time there would be no almost. This time there were no limitations. This time was the most beautiful of all, where all my dreams would come true. But that's the thing with dreams, isn't it? The imagined is not always translated to the real world...

Almost Us: The Last Time

Aged 34. My story began laced in confusion. It hasn't been the easiest story to tell. And at some points you hated me. Because at some points, I hated me. But now it's time to choose. It's time I faced my own truths. The last sixteen years saw me soar with feelings of euphoria and passion, smile contentedly with safety and security, cry and sob for all my almost moments and tribulations. And now it's time to choose. I'm ending this. For the last time. Time to get off the roller coaster.

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